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The Finish Line in Sight for British ISDE Teams - Day Five Report

Saturday September 2, 2017 at 9:52am
The Finish Line in Sight for British ISDE Teams - Day Five Report
The penultimate day of the 2017 ISDE was a successful one for the ACU British Teams with all seven riders bringing home consistent results, and maintaining their positions in the rankings, 5th for Trophy and 4th for Junior Trophy. The tests were the same as on day four, which the British riders not only excelled on but also enjoyed. The fans were out in force and as the riders arrived in Parc Ferme at the end of the day they were relaxed and looking forward to the final day of racing.

For all the riders the main focus was on bringing their bikes, and themselves, in safely; rather than pushing to improve their positions. Nevertheless, the Trophy and the Junior team both put in some impressive times with Nathan Watson and Joe Wootton riding to excellent results on the day once again.

Watson finished second, up one place on yesterday’s overall rankings. He was extremely happy with his riding and got within 6 seconds of top honours.

Nathan Watson (#20, Trophy Team): “I’m still really enjoying the tests, they’ve been my favourites of the whole event, especially the third Cross Test which we’ve used for the last couple of days. I felt good and the day went well, I was close to setting the scratch (overall fastest) time today but didn’t quite do it. Anyway, I’m definitely looking forward to doing a bit of MX tomorrow.”

This positivity was echoed by team-mate, Kev Murray, who achieved his best day finish of the event today.

Kev Murray (#22, Trophy Team): “It was awesome out there! I had a good day and it’s a great feeling of satisfaction to get to the end of day five. I’m looking forward to the Motocross tomorrow because that’s the sport I started in when I was 10 years old! So I’ll be looking to mix it up and have some fun!”

On the other hand, Lee Sealey was keen to get some rest after a difficult day on the demanding lap around Brive and Uzerche.

Lee Sealey (#23, Trophy Team): “That was one of the toughest days I’ve ever had on a bike! But we’re nearly there now and we’re happy with how things are going in general.”

Fraser Flockhart kept up his metronomic consistency with another Top 50 finish.

Over in the Junior Trophy Team there were mixed fortunes as Dan Mundell and Tom Ellwood battled on in pain after both riders injured their hands. But they are keen to keep on as their team hovers just outside a podium position.

Dan Mundell (#26, Junior Trophy Team): “I’m very sore today after I hurt my thumb yesterday, and I couldn’t really hold on the bike properly today. Tom’s also whacked his hand today so we’re in the same boat. But I’m going to get out at that MX tomorrow and try some bar drags for the fans! We’ve come this far and we’re not going to stop now!”

The final member of the Junior team, Joe Wootton, had more reasons to smile after another fantastic result.

Joe Wootton (#24, Junior Trophy Team): “I’m so happy today, I can’t keep the smile off my face! I feel like I’m finally showing my potential as a rider after a difficult couple of years due to injuries. I was 15th overall again today and I’m hoping that will keep us Juniors up there in the results.”

As the event nears the end, ACU British ISDE Team Manager Andy Martin emphasised how impressed he has been with the work of all his riders.

Andy Martin (ACU British ISDE Team Manager): “The lads have been doing a superb job all week and I’m so proud of each and every one of them. We’ve got one more day to go, with the traditional ‘final motocross’ being held tomorrow, and we’re all feeling very positive about the way the race has gone. The riders have shown maturity, skill, and pace throughout the week and we’re looking forward to the finish line tomorrow, fingers crossed!”

Day six will see the riders tackle a mass start Motocross race, comprised of 18 heats with the riders split into capacity classes. It will be held on a purpose built track inside the paddock. The name of the game will be to avoid any mishaps, but also to enjoy the atmosphere and savour the closing moments of the race.

2017 International Six Day Enduro -

Brive-la-Gaillarde, France.

Day Five, Provisional Result


1 France 12:14:51.69

2 Australia 12:22:24.44 +7:32.75

3 Finland 12:24:49.61 +9:57.92

5 Great Britain 12:44:09.63 +29:09.63


13 Nathan Watson KTM 3:04:40.37

43 Lee Sealey Yamaha 3:09.18.03

49 Fraser Flockhart KTM 3:11.52.28

74 Kevin Murray Beta 3:18.10.64


1 France 9:21:41.21

2 Italy 9:22:09.57 +28.36

3 USA 9:23:50.55 +2:09.34

4 Great Britain 9:28:04.19 +6:22.98


26 Joe Wootton Husqvarna 3:07:26.25

33 Dan Mundell KTM 3:07:47.65

54 Tom Ellwood 3:12:50.29

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