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Malicious intervention into the ACU Democratic election process

Tuesday September 26, 2017 at 5:05pm
There has been some facebook posts and emails sent recently referring to the ACU elections to Sports Committee’s and Directors at the forthcoming National Council meeting to be held at ACU House on Saturday November 11th 2017. The Directors are concerned that the emails and posts are detrimental to the ACU democratic election process in that the purveyors of these remarks are favouring a group of individual nominations with no regard to others. While the ACU Directors are not against individual candidates sending out CV’s or information to members, clubs or the centres that represent them the current email and social media campaign is unfair to other candidates and goes against ACU values.

To explain some more, the ACU National Council meeting is a bi-annual meeting where the delegates from the ACU Centre’s/Regions or shareholders of the Company and Directors meet to discuss National issues, agree rule changes, question Sport Committee Chairman or Directors and generally do as shareholders do, check their company finances are on track. They also elect voluntary Sport Committee members and Directors, normally two per year although due to resignations or retirements it could be three.

The date of this meeting was set back in January 2017 as Saturday the 11th November and subsequently ratified at the National Council meeting held in May, the weekend is exactly the same as in 2016, the day before remembrance Sunday. Revelations that the date has been changed is false news!

Nominations for the various positions have been accepted before the closing date and these persons CV ‘s have been circulated to the ACU Centre’s Management Committee’s or Boards who will then choose the people they feel will represent the best interest of ACU Motorcycle Sport at National level, It’s unlikely that Centre representatives will take any note of the emails and face book posts circulated by Andi Deeks or the group or person calling themselves ridebikesride being represented by him.

The voting will be by ballot on November 11th and each Centre or shareholder including the Scottish ACU have one vote, the National clubs represented by the Non Territorial board will have two votes making a total of 23 shareholders votes, a nominee will have to receive over 50% of a vote rounded up to the next highest number + 1 to be elected to the relevant Sport Committee or Board.

The ACU democratic process means that clubs can put forward a member or members to represent them at Centre management or Board meetings or through sport sub committee’s and therefore decide or vote on all of the above. It doesn’t need volunteers to be maligned in emails or social media posts by a few disgruntled ex ACU members to force change on a system that may not be perfect but is fair and honest.

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