Team GB Climbing The Ranks - Day Two Report

Tuesday August 29, 2017 at 9:43pm
Team GB Climbing The Ranks - Day Two Report

The ACU British ISDE teams made a significant improvement on their day one performance today, working hard to finish the second day sixth overall in the World Trophy competition and fifth overall in the World Junior Trophy.

Day two’s tests were the same as used on day one, but after so many riders had traversed the five tests today they were even more rutted and challenging. The morning began cool and damp once again, but the sun was strong and by midday it was a return to temperatures in the thirties. For the ACU British teams the top priority was to stay steady and focused as the attrition rate for other teams began to rise.

World Trophy rider Nathan Watson took a 10-second penalty on the first test of the day when he missed his starting minute, this hampered his progress for the remainder of the day, but after his big crash on day one Watson was glad to get the tests over and done with and come home safe. Watson’s team-mates, Fraser Flockhart and Kev Murray said they enjoyed the day’s action and the pair were able to improve on their day one individual positions. The fourth World Trophy team rider, Lee Sealey was feeling sore after two tough days onboard his Yamaha, but he put in a consistent performance nonetheless. Another rider left battered and bruised was Junior Trophy’s Dan Mundell, but the youngster still achieved the impressive feat of being the fastest British rider today. For Joe Wootton and Tom Ellwood day two brought decent test times and a uniformly good performance despite the difficulty with the dust.

Tom Ellwood (#25, Junior Trophy Team): “I felt better today, the feeling with my Sherco was really good. But we were still catching people in the dust, even with the new start order. The difference was that yesterday we were generally faster than the people we caught but today me and the other Brits were running together and when we caught another rider in the dust it was harder to pass them as they had stronger pace than yesterday. But it’s another day done, and things are going in the right direction. I’m excited to try the new tests tomorrow.”

However, we are sorry to report that the day started in a somber mood as the news circulated of the tragic loss of British club team rider Mike Alty late on Monday night. Alty has been a leading personality in the Purple Helmets comedy motorcycle display team while also riding competitively as part of the Sheep’s Skull Enduro Club.

ACU British ISDE Team Manager, Andy Martin: “It was a sad start to the day today and all of the team feel the need to express their sadness and extend their sympathies to Mike Alty’s nearest and dearest. Mike has been a leading light in the Purple Helmets; he’s been such an entertainer, but also a keen and competitive rider. We will all miss him.

“For the team it’s been a hard opening couple of days especially with the heat and the dust but the boys have all made it through so far. I’m extremely happy with the dedication and the maturity they’re bringing to the competition, they’re riding with somany of the world’s best so to be placed fifth and sixth at this stage is good work.”

Day three of the event will see the riders face a lap of 247km, slightly shorter than days one and two, but including five cross tests. Four of the tests will be new while the last test of the day, which is close to the paddock, is used daily.

2017 International Six Day Enduro - Brive-la-Gaillarde,

France. Day Two, Provisional Result


1 France 5:11:26.89

2 Australia 5:15:46.45 +4:19.56

3 Finland 5:17:16.58 +5:49.69

6 Great Britain 5:29:20.66 +17:53.77


37 Nathan Watson KTM 1:20:26.35

47 Lee Sealey Yamaha 1:21:22.28

52 Fraser Flockhart KTM 1:22:14.21

80 Kevin Murray Beta 1:25:17.82


1 USA 3:59:41.56

2 France 3:59:44.18 +2.62

3 Italy 3:59:57.04 +15.48

5 Great Britain 4:03:45.43 +4:03.87


39 Dan Mundell KTM 1:20:36.75

43 Joe Wootton Husqvarna 1:20:55.32

51 Tom Ellwood Sherco 1:22:13.26

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