Recticel Delivery Completes Latest Safety Phase at Billown

Wednesday June 14, 2017 at 3:24pm
Recticel Delivery Completes Latest Safety Phase at Billown
The latest delivery of 25 Recticel Safety Barriers brought to the Island courtesy of CuPlus Callow completes the latest phase of upgrading safety features around the Billown Course.

Southern 100 Racing, organisers of the three road races held annually around the 4.25-mile public roads course have been replacing the traditional straw-bales, section by section for a number of years and now have a stock of 281 Recticel's of various sizes to suit the parts of the course in which they are placed.

Race Secretary, George Peach said: ‘The Club made the decision to replace the bales with the more effective Recticel Barriers as funds became available - to date we have spent over £80,000 on the Recticel Barriers.

‘This has all be made possible thanks to everybody who has donated money to the Southern 100 Supporters Club in numerous ways, via on-line auctions, bottles in public houses, the 100 Club, run by Dave Smart, and many donations sent direct for a variety of reasons from birthday celebrations to bereavement bequests.’

More of the ‘Recticel's are required to complete the full upgrade of the Southern 100 course, as George explained: ‘We still need a number of the barriers to replace the bagged straw bales that are still used on parts of the course - this will be done over the next year or two.

‘As race organisers, we are constantly upgrading and improving safety and comfort standards, not only for the competitors, but also for the spectators to make their ‘Billown Experience’ more enjoyable.’

Southern 100 Racing also appreciate the assistance received from the Southern Young Farmers who turn out in force to place the Recticel Barriers, Bales and other safety equipment around the course prior to racing starting and at the end of the three race events, the Blackford's Pre-TT Classic Road Races, the Radcliffes’ Post-TT Road Races and the Isle of Man Steam Packet Southern 100 International Road Races help bring all the equipment back for winter storage at our Red Gap facility.

The club also acknowledge all the assistance given by everyone else who turn up at the many work-parties to ensure that the course is in excellent condition for racing, it is very much appreciated.

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