Race Rock ‘n’ Ride at Santa Pod Raceway

Tuesday June 13, 2017 at 2:03pm
Race Rock ‘n’ Ride at Santa Pod Raceway
Racers had a meeting at the final round of the championships last year and a decision was made that one round would be run earlier in the following season.  So round three of the ACU Championship took place at the 2nd Race Rock ‘N’ Ride event.


Rain on Saturday reduced the days qualifying to only two sessions instead of the four scheduled qualifying sessions.  After a late start on race day racing was completed.


Funny Bike.

Allan Davies continues to dominant class with an off the trailer 7.280-177.85 to qualify in number one spot.  Dave Peters was Davies nearest challenger with a 7.378.  Reigning ACU Funny Bike Champion Phil Crossley was still having handling issues.  Pete Le Gros made his first appearance and made one pass 8.522 at the expense of a fuel timer problem and was out of the show.  Lorcan Parnell didn’t qualify, but did a test pass ready for next weekend Main Event and ran 7.003 clicking off early.

In round one of the eliminations Davies ran 7.283 with a top speed of the meet 179.95mph and went on to reach the final.  Were he met France’s Eric Richard who ran 7.360-178.50 to knock out Peters.  Davies motor was hurt going into the final and at ¾ track smoke came out and Richard won the event.


Pro Stock Bike.

Len Paget was the number one qualifier 7.478-173mph.  Reigning ACU Pro Stock Bike Champion Alex Hope was still trying to sort out the handling problem of his new bike and ran a best of 9.798.

Ian Burns had an electrical issue on the two step and fitted a new switch, but he didn’t put a pass in during qualifying.

So it was a straight final Paget went even quicker 7.380 and won the event.


Comp Bike.

It was a very tight field during qualifying in Comp Bike.  Newcomer to the class Scott Collier ran a career personal best on the exStephen French bike 7.7718-161.92mph.  A few moments later Tony Clark sneaked in and took the number one spot with 7.7713-177.13.  It was even closer for third spot Sean Mills 7.8859-182.88mph and Paul Hambridge 7.8859-175.76mph (Mills got third due to higher speed).  Mick Winyard was next 8.112 and Reigning ACU Comp Bike Champion Eddy Smiley was only sixth 8.189.

Margot Schmidt beat Clark in round one.  Martin Walker ran his first seven-second pass 7.998 to beat Collier.  Best race of the day Smiley winning on a holeshot 7.657 p/b against Mills quicker but losing 7.652 at top speed of meet 185.14mph.  In the semi-finals Hambridge ran a jaw dropping 7.592-183.62 personal best.

Smiley extended his points lead beating Hambridge in the final.


Super Street Bike.

Richard Stubbins continues his good form reaching his third final out of three races in 2017.  Stubbins was the number one qualifier 7.245.  Sweden’s Robert Nilsson was second 7.492 just ahead of European FIM Champion Garry Bowe 7.495 and Daniel Lencses 7.497.  Reigning ACU Champion Steve Venables was sixth with Festival of Power winner Pete Field not qualifying.

In the eliminations Stubbins ran back to back 7.21s to reach the final.  Graham Balchin put a huge holeshot over Nilsson and won 7.425 to Nilsson quicker but losing 7.326.  Bowe ran low et and top speed in round one, when beat Venables 7.104 at 205.33mph.

The final was decided on the start line when Balchin spun his rear tyre and could only watch as Stubbins take the win light 7.352 to 7.914.


Report by Steven Moxley. 

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