NEMCRC Offer Assistance for New Road Race Licence Applicants

Friday March 17, 2017 at 11:00am
The North-East Motorcycle Racing Club has brought in measures to assist first time road race applicants in obtaining their first novice Road Race License. The club has 3 ACU approved instructors who regularly travel to The Three Sisters Circuit in Lancashire to assist in training first time applicants. This being the nearest circuit to the North East where ACU Basic Rider Assessments can take place.

All first-time applicants are required to join an ACU Affiliated Club and complete a classroom based ACU Competitor Training Course followed by an ACU Basic Rider assessment

There are separate costs for both these elements which the applicant must pay.

To assist First time applicants, the NEMCRC will waver the cost for the ACU Competitor Training Course (The Class Room Element) to all applicants joining the NEMCRC (affiliated to the ACU)

 This element of the ACU Competitor Training Course will take place at the clubs HQS in North Shields by one of our ACU qualified Instructors. This leaves only the Basic Rider  Assessment at Three Sisters to be then taken.

For further information if  you would like a chat about starting racing  contact the NEMCRC via   Instructor Ian Bainbridge on Mobile 07772929822 or via

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