Datatag enters the Road Race world with Oliver's Mount circuit partnership

Tuesday March 14, 2017 at 10:42am
Datatag enters the Road Race world with Oliver's Mount circuit partnership
Today Oliver's Mount Road Race Circuit are pleased to announce a new partnership with Datatag for the 2017 season.

About Oliver's Mount:

Oliver’s Mount road race circuit is England’s only natural ‘road’ race track. Situated just five minutes from Scarborough’s town centre, the races have been likened to a ‘miniature TT by the seaside’. Edge of your seat racing, the closest action seen at any race venue, friendly locals and a stunning setting are all key features of a race weekend at Oliver’s Mount.
Importantly, for the racers, the 2.43 mile track has always been regarded as a challenging, tight and twisty circuit, which tests their skills to the maximum. With a racing heritage that dates back to 1946, Oliver’s Mount Race Circuit has a rich history of motor racing and has seen many of the great riders race at ‘The Mount’ over the years.

About Datatag:

Datatag is celebrating 25 years of business in 2017.


Like all of the best inventions and ideas, the concept of Datatag is simple but its technologies are anything but.  Datatag uses state of the art identification technologies to permanently mark your property and as a result make it identifiable to the Police in such a way that is virtually impossible for a thief to defeat.  Criminals therefore see the risks in stealing Datatagged property as too high and thus they tend to avoid it altogether.

Criminals prefer to steal property where they can easily remove or alter the original manufacturer's identification numbers – this makes it far less likely to be identified and also hinders the police in tracing the real owner. 

Datatag changes this by employing a layered approach to permanently marking property with both covert and overt technologies including tamper evident labels, UV etching, Datadots, forensic DNA and RFID transponders. To overcome these ‘marks’ and avoid prosecution a thief has the impossible task of removing every single one without damaging the stolen property and lessening its value, whereas the Police only needs to locate and identify one or two of the marks to assist with a prosecution. 

Datatag has made a major impact on reducing theft in a number of markets and its technologies have been chosen by the Construction, Agriculture, Marine and Motorcycle markets for their own official security marking schemes.  Datatag provides support and training to the Police in operations and also vehicle identification and manages a 24/7 secure contact centre to enable vehicle identity verification any time night or day. 


Scott Beaumont, Marketing Director at Oliver’s Mount said:
‘We are excited to welcome Datatag to our partners for the 2017 season at Oliver's Mount. It is great to attract new companies to support our circuit. The Datatag product is simply fantastic and something we believe all riders should be applying to their motorcycles. The Datatag team will be present to answer questions about motorcycle security at our events in 2017 and show you how the system works.'

Kevin Howells, Managing Director or Datatag said,
'We are very proud to partner with Oliver's Mount in this our 25th year of protecting Britain's bikers. And we look forward to an exciting season of racing at England's only road race circuit.'

2017 Events:

Oliver's Mount will host 4 events throughout 2017 at the iconic roads circuit in Scarborough:

Bob Smith Spring Cup - 22nd/23rd April Cock O'The North - June 24th/25th Barry Sheene Festival powered by Suzuki - July 22nd/23rd Steve Henshaw Gold Cup - September 23rd/24th Further Information and Links:

For more information about Oliver’s Mount visit:

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