ACU suspend two Riders for False Details

Friday February 10, 2017 at 12:46pm
ACU suspend two Riders for False Details
At a recent Hearing of the ACU Motocross Committee held at ACU House in Rugby, two Motocross riders have been suspended from competing at ACU events and subsequently fined after committing and being party to a fraudulent act at an ACU permitted event.  

One rider had entered an event at the end of the 2016 season and instead of withdrawing from the event in the correct manner he allowed another rider to take his place and sign on and compete at the event in his name.

The ACU consider this as a very serious matter, as these actions have significant repercussions for both the riders involved and the Organiser.  

As a result of the Hearing both riders have had their licences suspended with the original entrant receiving a suspension of 12 months, whilst the other rider who competed at the event received an suspension of 18 months.  

ACU MX Chairman Steve McCauley highlighted the severity of this case by commenting “The Motocross Committee take any breach of our rules seriously, sometimes riders/personnel simply get things wrong and react in the heat of the moment, and that tends to be the most common issue that we come across and subsequently need to deal with. However we have seen an increase in reported cases of riders competing whom aren't the person legitimately entered for the event. The consequences of this could be catastrophic. Any such breach means the person or persons involved have no insurance cover whatsoever and should they be involved in an accident or incident the full brunt of any liability would land firmly upon themselves. We hope that the severity of the suspensions and costs given to the two offending parties involved sends out a clear signal to everyone that these types of actions are wholly unacceptable and will be dealt with in a manner which reflects that". 

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