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Guidance regarding Greenlaning during TT Season

Tuesday May 31, 2016 at 4:06pm
Guidance regarding Greenlaning during TT Season
Crisp rolling green hills, clear blue skies, Green Roads that meander through rich farmland and the distant whine of a finely tuned 200mph race bike rapidly approaching in the distance. It must be TT season.

There really is no other place like the Isle of Man for the two wheeled enthusiast, crowds flock from across the world to experience the unique road racing spectacle and Trail Riders get the best seats in the house. The island views its Green Road network as a valuable resource with dedicated signage and user groups such as G.L.U.G. working hard throughout the year to maintain and repair the network.

The I.o.M. didn't escape this winter’s floods and the Green Road network will be particularly sensitive during this June's TT. Julian Wood is a key player in managing and keeping access to this valuable resource:

"I would like to thank the TRF members that have visited the Isle of Man and have respected the winter closure signs and stayed on the designated legal routes. The responsibility of ensuring these great trails remain open to be enjoyed by generations to come rests solely in all our hands and I cannot stress enough the importance of staying on the designated routes and refraining from riding “Off Piste”.

A significant amount of effort is currently being put in to improving Signage, producing a Recommended Route Map, ensuring marker posts are clear and visible where appropriate and increasing the promotion of local tour guides that will maximise the enjoyment of a visit to the Island and point out historic/interesting areas you would completely miss without having local knowledge  - No matter how many times you’ve visited!

So, if you plan on bringing your off road bike for The TT festival, please keep the above in mind. Above all, ride responsibly, stay on the designated route and be mindful of sensitive upland areas with respect to livestock (ensure all gates are closed and secure) and wildlife/rare birds (nesting/breeding season) remain undisturbed. And above all else – If in doubt, feel free to contact the local TRF and they will be happy to put you in touch with local riders that are heading out on non-race days."

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