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Can’t Get Carter

Thursday May 12, 2016 at 2:50pm
The Auto A group were first out and Kalvin Kelly took the most chequered flags to claim top spot on the podium. William Haddock and Spike Stevens were only five points apart at the end with Haddock taking second place and Stevens making up the last place on the podium.


Jamie Keith took an impressive 256 points to claim the biggest trophy in the Auto B group. Archy Atkinson was often the runner up and awarded with second place overall. Lucy Barker put in a solid performance throughout the three days to take third place overall.


The Junior A group had three riders battling for top spot all weekend. Alfie Jones came out victorious, taking the three last race wins, ahead of Kiean Boughen who took the first two victories. Wal Beany finished off the top trio with one race win and a consistent set of second and third place finishes.


In the Junior B group, Jake Cappa came out on top with Taylor Newman taking second place, just one point ahead of third place finisher Beau Lawrence.


The Junior class also had a C group where Jacob Hayes and Archie Cockerill battled hard all weekend for the chequered flag. Hayes enjoyed three race wins and with it, the no. 1 spot, leaving Cockerill as runner-up. Luca Manby was consistently in the top range to take third place on the podium.


Ike Carter was top dog in the Small Wheel 85s, taking maximum points in style. Bobby Bruce was hot on Carter’s heals in every race but had to settle for second overall. Jack Lindsay ended the weekend with a second place finish in the last race and celebrated taking third overall.


Josh Jones was near perfect in the Small Wheel 85s B group and only missed the win in race three. Jude Mckenzie was pretty much always at the front and claimed second overall, leaving Shea Wylie to take third place.


The Big Wheel 85s A group sizzled and Rossi Beard was only two points off a perfect maximum. Adam Collings was the only other race winner and took second place overall. Last on the podium was Josh Peters who battled hard all weekend taking two second place finishes.


Bethany Allison reigned supreme in the Big Wheel 85s B group, taking a perfect 270 points. Jordan Styler chased all weekend but had to settle for second place every time. Except a mishap in race one, third place rider Alex Bottomley took all third place finishes to make up the final part of this podium trio.


There was only one group of Seniors but what they lacked in volume, they made up for in speed and style. Dylan Woodcock was like a dog with a bone and rocketed round the track to take all bar one of the race victories. Dexter Douglas bagged one race win and secured second overall, leaving Todd Ritchie to claim the last place on the podium.


Apart from the Autos, all A group riders have automatically qualified for the Pro Masters at Lyng on 1-2 October 2016.


Report: Alex Haddon



Auto A

Kalvin Kelly                         41+45+45+43+45+41=260

William Haddock               45+43+30+41+43+45=247

Spike Stevens                    43+41+41+45+41+31=242

Archie Girdham                                28+37+43+39+39+43=229

Travis Webster                  34+39+35+37+37+37=219

Ryan Waggot                     37+29+29+34+35+32=196

Ryan Lowes                        27+24+34+35+28+39=187

Jake Last                              39+26+37+28+31+26=187

Archie Hobbs                     30+34+27+29+27+34=181

Kyran Nicholas                  24+18+31+31+33+35=172


Auto B

Jamie Keith                         43+33+45+45+45+45=256

Archy Atkinson                 41+41+28+43+43+43=239

Lucy Barker                         39+35+41+31+41+35=222

Archie Lyons                      32+43+33+41+34+33=216

Mason Evans                     37+45+22+37+32+30=203

Harley Platt                         35+30+37+35+26+39=202

Aimus Peckham                                34+32+43+30+29+34=202

Ethan Hughes                    45+6+35+39+37+31=193

Bayley Ward-Clarke        33+28+30+29+35+37=192

Reuben Always                 22+34+27+28+39+41=191


Junior A

Alfie Jones                          43+43+43+45+45+45=264

Kiean Boughen                 45+45+41+43+41+41=256

Wal Beany                           41+41+45+41+43+43=254

Billy Moriarty                     39+35+21+39+39+39=212

James Barker                     37+39+18+34+34+37=199

George Hopkins                               32+33+30+35+32+35=197

Ashden Barlow                 34+34+39+6+33+33=179

Tyla Hooley                         35+37+33+2+35+34=176

Rhys Hawthorne              30+30+28+31+29+28=176

Ellis Poole                            25+23+32+33+27+32=172


Junior B

Jake Cappa                         37+35+45+33+39+43=232

Taylor Newman                                45+26+41+27+34+41=214

Beau Lawrence                 39+30+33+37+35+39=213

Harvey Gritton                  43+33+43+43+41+9=212

Charlie Owen                     35+41+5+45+24+45=195

Jack Keith                            32+29+35+31+33+33=193

Kelly Brierley                      31+34+37+39+37+12=190

Aaron Cheffings                               16+28+28+41+45+31=189

Ashley-John Matthews 41+43+34+28+32+10=188

Thomas Carruthers         33+45+39+13+23+26=179


Junior C

Jacob Hayes                       43+43+45+45+45+43=264

Archie Cockerill                 45+45+43+43+43+41=260

Luca Manby                        37+41+37+41+41+39=236

Bradley Johnstone          35+35+30+39+37+45=221

Ryan Christian                   31+37+39+37+39+33=216

Ella Foster                           39+39+28+34+30+34=204

Lewis Proud                       41+33+41+24+27+37=203

Joe Reeve                           30+32+32+35+35+35=199

Caelan Colton                    27+30+35+30+28+28=178

 Mason Devon                   33+26+29+23+34+32=177


Small Wheel 85s A

Ike Carter                            45+45+45+45+45+45=270

Bobby Bruce                      43+41+43+43+43+41=254

Jack Lindsay                        39+39+39+37+41+43=238

Toby Potter                        37+37+35+39+39+39=226

Brad Nolan                          34+32+31+34+35+35=201

Travis Steels                       31+33+37+32+24+37=194

Vinnie Guthrie                  24+35+34+35+37+28=193

Callum Murfitt                   35+34+30+31+32+23=185

Rodie Jones                        32+30+28+30+28+32=180

 Harvey Thickett               30+29+32+29+26+31=177


Small Wheel 85s B

Josh Jones                          45+45+41+45+45+45=266

Jude Mckenzie                  41+24+43+43+43+41=235

Shea Wylie                          43+37+29+41+41+37=228

Rhys Fraser                         32+41+45+33+33+39=223

Owen Jenner                     34+35+39+35+37+35=215

Tommy Gilbert                  30+33+35+34+34+34=200

Charlie Keight                    37+32+34+32+20+32=187

Charlie Rowland               26+34+0+39+39+43=181

Henry Maynard                                28+31+30+21+30+33=173

 Jack Anderson                  33+39+23+37+32+9=173


Big Wheel 85s A

Rossi Beard                         45+45+45+45+43+45=268

Adam Collings                    43+39+41+41+45+41=250

Josh Peters                         41+41+35+43+41+43=244

Reece Martin                     35+37+39+35+35+39=220

Kacey Hird                           39+34+29+39+37+28=206

Cullen Scott                        37+31+31+32+39+35=205

Dane Reeves                     32+35+34+34+34+31=200

Patrick Jackson                  33+32+32+22+28+37=184

Declan Hunter                   19+30+37+29+31+34=180

Danny Clarke                     31+24+33+33+29+29=179


Big Wheel 85s B

Bethany Allison                 45+45+45+45+45+45=270

Jordan Styer                       43+43+43+43+43+43=258

Alex Bottomley                 22+41+41+41+41+41=227

Dan Harris                           34+37+39+39+37+31=217

Luke Hayward                   41+35+37+33+33+35=214

Cole Davis                           37+32+35+27+35+32=198

Tommy Wiles                     25+39+33+26+39+34=196

Chris Bailey                         32+26+30+32+34+33=187

James Thompson             30+34+31+37+27+28=187

Eleanor Calby                     39+33+22+30+32+30=186



Dylan Woodcock              45+45+45+43+45+45=268

Dexter Douglas                 43+41+43+45+43+43=258

Todd Ritchie                       37+39+37+37+39+39=228

John-Joe Wright               33+43+32+39+41+37=225

Jack Bintcliffe                     39+33+31+41+37+41=222

Chris Nuttall                       35+37+39+35+34+24=204

Christian Hutchings         34+35+35+33+31+30=198

Arthur Williams                 29+32+34+32+35+32=194

Ben Burridge                      31+34+29+34+29+35=192

Dee-Jay Walker               24+31+26+29+33+34=177

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