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McCanney and Holcombe share the spoils at ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship

Monday July 28, 2014 at 4:09pm
McCanney and Holcombe share the spoils at ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship

Danny McCanney and Steve Holcombe shared the spoils of victory at rounds nine and 10 of the ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship, powered by Husqvarna Motorcycles at Black Dog Woods.

Grabbing his debut Elite class victory, Holcombe made it a weekend to remember by edging out McCanney on Sunday to win round ten. Well received by competitors, Black Dog Woods was a welcomed new venue to the BSEC series. The mix of woodland and stubble fields, combined with perfect weather conditions, kept everyone on their toes throughout the weekend.

Picking up from where he left off last time out at Westwood, Beta’s Danny McCanney was the rider to beat in the Michelin Comp VI Elite class at round nine. Leading from the opening lap, McCanney controlled the pace to secure victory. Topping all but the final test of the day, he secured a comfortable 53-second margin of victory. Behind Danny brother Jamie fought hard to keep a highly motivated Steve Holcombe (KTM) at bay. Despite Holcombe claiming the final test win of the day, Husqvarna mounted Jamie claimed the runner-up result. Consistent all day, Husqvarna’s Jamie Lewis placed fourth. Switching to a 300cc two-stroke for round nine Tom Sagar finished fifth.

Clearly enjoying the new venue, Holcombe was on fire at round 10. Fifth at the end of lap one he topped the next three tests to take over the lead. Going on to win the final three tests Holcombe claimed a well-deserved debut Elite class win. Danny McCanney was unable to keep the KTM rider at bay and was forced to settle for a close second. Swapping back to his regular 450cc four-stroke Sagar was back to his normal self and jumped up to third on Sunday. Improving two positions over his previous day’s result, Daryl Bolter (KTM) produced a solid ride to take fourth from Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) in fifth. Disaster struck Jamie McCanney on the final lap when he dropped out of a possible top three result due to a dislocated shoulder.

In the Husqvarna Under 23 class, TM’s Josh Gotts celebrated his 21st birthday in style by taking a debut win at round nine. With Gotts heading the class, Rob Johnson (Husqvarna) and Fraser Flockart (KTM) battled hard for the runner-up result. Holding off his rival by just two seconds, Johnson got the nod for second. Hampered by a couple of crashes throughout the day James Dent (KTM) was unable to close in on the leaders and placed fourth with Fraser Norrie (KTM) fifth.

At round ten the battle for the win became a three-horse race between Johnson, Flockart and Gotts. This time around it was Johnson who claimed the top spot while Flockart held off Gotts by two seconds to finish as runner-up. Dent and Norrie again placed fourth and fifth while visiting Swedish rider Christophe Wiss (KTM) completed the top six.

Resuming their battle at the head of the Motul Under 19 category Joe Wootton (Husqvarna) and Brad Freeman (KTM) traded wins in Black Dog Woods. At round nine it was Wootton who came through to win. Despite Freeman holding an early advantage, Wootton secured the second outright fastest time on the penultimate test to move in front and take the win from Freeman. Behind the top two Charlie Frost (KTM) edged out Lee Sealey (Husqvarna) to record his first top three result of the series. With Sealey fourth, Sherco’s Jon Hunt rounded out the top five.

At round 10, Freeman this time got the better of Wootton to win by four seconds. Only separated by one point in the championship – in favour of Wootton – it’s all to play for at the final round in Ingoldmells. Fairing better on Sunday, Sealey moved up to third from Hunt with Jake Morgan (KTM) in fifth.

In the 125 Youth class it was a double win for KTM mounted Jack Staines. Alex Walton (KTM) chased Staines home for the runner-up result both days. At round nine Ben Churchill (KTM) picked up third with Robbie Wallace (Yamaha) fourth. On Sunday Wallace moved up to third with Matthew Martin (Husqvarna) fourth and Josh Wilson (Husaberg) fifth.

Continuing their fight for championship honours in the Amped Expert class, Charlie Evans (KTM) and Carl Brogden (TM) led the field home. On Saturday it was Evans who held off his TM rival by five seconds to win. Back in action following his recent knee injury, Brad King (Kawasaki) finished third. Sean Eckersley (KTM) and Dan Alldred (KTM) were fourth and fifth respectively. At round 10 Brogden turned the tables on Evans to snatch the race win. Eckersley enjoyed a top three result with Alldred fourth and Tyson Maytom-Jones (Husaberg) fifth.

In the Acerbis Expert Vet class Beta’s Andrew Reeves wrapped up the championship with a double win. At round nine Geoff Walker (Husqvarna) held off Paul Sagar (KTM) by two seconds to secure the runner-up result. At round ten it was Mark Denslow (KTM) that chased Reeves home for second with Sagar again third.

In the USWE Clubman Vets Peter King (KTM) and Simon Ellway (KTM) traded wins. On Saturday it was King who led Ellway home while on Sunday Ellway got the better of his rival to take the win. Keith Jones (KTM) finished third both days.

Claiming a double win, Tom Ellwood was the rider to beat in the DEP Pipes Clubman category. Winning Saturday, he comfortable placed clear of Greg Hurley (Yamaha) in second and Jack Penhaligon (Husaberg) third. Facing a tougher challenge on Sunday, Ellwood narrowly beat Ross Bainbridge (KTM) by four seconds to claim the win. Josh Marshall (KTM) took third pushing Penhaligon back to fourth. Clinching the TCX Women’s championship, Jane Daniels won both days in Black Dog Woods ahead of Katie Walker (KTM).

The ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship, powered by Husqvarna Motorcycles concludes with the final rounds of the series at Ingoldmells on October 4/5.

Results Round 9 – BSEC 2014

Michelin Comp VI Elite

1. Danny McCanney (Beta) 43:24.15; 2. Jamie McCanney (Husqvarna) 44:17.96; 3. Steve Holcombe (KTM) 44:27.74; 4. Jamie Lewis (Husqvarna) 45:06.32; 5. Tom Sagar (KTM) 45:50.85; 6. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) 46:02.53; 7. Daryl Bolter (KTM) 46:37.83; 8. Mark Roberts (KTM) 46:53.90

Husqvarna Under 23

1. Josh Gotts (TM) 40:26.20; 2. Rob Johnson (Husqvarna) 41:13.31; 3. Fraser Flockart (KTM) 41:15.47; 4. James Dent (KTM) 41:38.35; 5. Frazer Norrie (KTM) 41:50.96; 6. Christopher Wiss (KTM) 42:58.78; 7. Robin Wiss (KTM) 44:56.75

Motul Under 19

1. Joe Wootton (Husqvarna) 38:38.82; 2. Brad Freeman (KTM) 38:52.13; 3. Charlie Frost (KTM) 41:24.82; 4. Lee Sealey (Husqvarna) 41:26.59; 5. Jon Hunt (Sherco) 41:44.36; 6. Aaron Edwards (Beta) 43:33.51; 7. Ashley Scott (KTM) 44:26.57; 8. Luke Fletcher (KTM) 45:10.13; 9. Aaron Coupland (KTM) 45:15.61; 10. Harvey Dark (KTM) 45:33.40; 11. Jake Morgan (KTM) 45:34.50; 12. Neil Bretherton (Husqvarna) 48:36.48 125 Youth

1. Jack Staines (KTM) 46:09.68; 2. Alex Walton (KTM) 46:32.49; 3. Ben Churchill (KTM) 49:04.46; 4. Robbie Wallace (Yamaha) 51:54.82

Amped Expert

1. Charlie Evans (KTM) 41:45.78; 2. Carl Brogden (TM) 41:50.94; 3. Brad King (Kawasaki) 42:32.46; 4. Sean Eckersley (KTM) 43:25.23; 5. Dan Alldred (KTM) 43:55.44; 6. Tony Cotty (KTM) 45:35.83; 7. Andy Frost (KTM) 45:50.13; 8. Tom Smith (KTM) 46:14.81; 9. Tyson Maytom-Jones (Husaberg) 47:18.29; 10. Ben Scott (Yamaha) 48:32.45

Acerbis Expert Vet

1. Andrew Reeves (Beta) 43:30.68; 2. Geoff Walker (Husqvarna) 46:59.18; 3. Paul Sagar (KTM) 47:01.02; 4. Jeremy Box (KTM) 47:06.01; 5. Lee Cornish (KTM) 50:22.29

USWE Clubman Vet

1. Peter King (KTM) 49:09.82; 2. Simon Ellway (KTM) 50:33.81; 3. Keith Jones (KTM) 52:41.54; 4. Ady Stagg (KTM) 54:06.97; 5. Simon Trevastiz (KTM) 54:35.44; 6. Andrew Golen (KTM) 55:06.14; 7. Paul Hart (Husqvarna) 55:16.99; 8. Jim Munden (KTM) 55:39.67

DEP Pipes Clubman

1. Tom Ellwood (KTM) 44:39.73; 2. Greg Hurley (Yamaha) 45:22.80; 3. Jack Penhaligon (Husaberg) 45:58.53; 4. Jamie Jenkins (Yamaha) 46:04.39; 5. Ross Bainbridge (Honda) 46:54.44; 6. Dean Reid (KTM) 48:00.43; 7. James Ball (KTM) 49:20.52; 8. James Benney (KTM) 50:25.63; 9. Jake Croft (KTM) 50:32.21; 10. Joe Robson (KTM) 52:04.35…

TCX Women

1. Jane Daniels (Husqvarna) 45:09.18; 2. Katie Walker (KTM) 46:03.83

Round 10 – BSEC 2014

Michelin Comp VI Elite

1. Steve Holcombe (KTM) 55:24.51; 2. Danny McCanney (Beta) 55:31.80; 3. Tom Sagar (KTM) 56:13.35; 4. Daryl Bolter (KTM) 57:50.87; 5. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) 58:04.60; 6. Jamie McCanney (Husqvarna) 58:23.68; 7. Mark Roberts (KTM) 58:47.66

Husqvarna Under 23

1. Rob Johnson (Husqvarna) 59:32.95; 2. Fraser Flockart (KTM) 59:48.48; 3. Josh Gotts (TM) 59:50.69; 4. James Dent (KTM) 1:00:45.47; 5. Frazer Norrie (KTM) 1:01:06.48; 6. Christophe Wiss (KTM) 1:02:36.55

Motul Under 19

1. Brad Freeman (KTM) 57:18.72; 2. Joe Wootton (Husqvarna) 57:22.78; 3. Lee Sealey (Husqvarna) 59:57.09; 4. Jon Hunt (Sherco) 1:00:42.50; 5. Jake Morgan (KTM) 1:05:02.95; 6. Ashley Scott (KTM) 1:05:30.98; 7. Aaron Coupland (KTM) 1:06:33.19; 8. Luke Fletcher (KTM) 1:13:22.04 125 Youth

1. Jack Staines (KTM) 1:03:01.80; 2. Alex Walton (KTM) 1:07:47.58; 3. Robbie Wallace (Yamaha) 1:11:23.10; 4. Matthew Martin (Husqvarna) 1:21:44.44; 5. Josh Wilson (Husaberg) 1:23:06.79

Amped Expert

1. Carl Brogden (TM) 1:01:26.72; 2. Charlie Evans (KTM) 1:01:35.53; 3. Sean Eckersley (KTM) 1:03:32.14; 4. Dan Alldred (KTM) 1:04:23.74; 5. Tyson Maytom-Jones (Husaberg) 1:06:03.84; 6. Gethin Francombe (TM) 1:07:21.43; 7. Mitch Frost (KTM) 1:08:13.07; 8. Scott Clifford (Husqvarna) 1:09:28.12; 9. Tony Cotty (KTM) 1:12:22.42

Acerbis Expert Vet

1. Andrew Reeves (Beta) 1:05:40.59; 2. Mark Denslow (KTM) 1:08:40.34; 3. Paul Sagar (KTM) 1:09:32.84; 4. Jeremy Box (KTM) 1:12:25.34

USWE Clubman Vet

1. Simon Ellway (KTM) 1:12:49.47; 2. Peter King (KTM) 1:13:34.59; 3. Keith Jones (KTM) 1:15.33.65; 4. Jim Hawkins (KTM) 1:16:08.22; 5. Andrew Golen (KTM) 1:17:43.04; 6. Simon Trevaskis (KTM) 1:19:15.35

DEP Pipes Clubman

1. Tom Ellwood (KTM) 51:33.61; 2. Ross Bainbridge (KTM) 51:37.87; 3. Josh Marshall (KTM) 52:09.12; 4. Jack Penhaligon (Husaberg) 52:39.88; 5. Jamie Jenkins (Yamaha) 53:18.21; 6. James Ball (KTM) 56:11.14; 7. Lloyd Cross (KTM) 56:40.81; 8. James Benney (KTM) 57:58.74; 9. Joe Robson (KTM) 58:54.84; 10. Scott King (Husaberg) 1:00:23.97…

TCX Women

1. Jane Daniels (Husqvarna) 51:09.67; 2. Katie Walker (KTM) 53:39.86

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