Steve and Ricky Roper win Sudbury 2 Man Enduro

Monday September 23, 2013 at 1:21pm
Sudbury Motor Cycle Club ran their sixth meeting of the year, which was a non-championship 2 Man Enduro at Chappel Essex.  There were 45 teams competing over the three Classes of Championship, Expert and Clubman and there was keen and close racing in all these Classes.


In the morning session the course was ridden clockwise through two woods, part of the motocross track and long grass which was very slippery due to heavy moisture, while the afternoon session the course was ridden in the opposite direction with drier conditions. 


Tom Braddock (Lowestoft) and Toby Morley (Woodbridge) were out to show everyone why they are this year’s winners of the 2 Man Championship Class with Braddock first out taking an early lead.  However the opposition were not going to allow them an easy day with 2013 Eastern Centre Solo Enduro Champion, Jamie Roper (Sudbury) partnered by his cousin Ian Parker (Sudbury) and the other two Roper brothers, Stevie and Ricky, (Sudbury)  riding together in hot pursuit. 


Throughout the morning and afternoon sessions these three teams battled it out with the lead changing consistently with the older pairing of Stevie and Ricky Roper taking first place with 38.00 points while Braddock/Morley and Jamie Roper/Parker tying on 36.83 points but Braddock/Morley secured second place with a better special test time.  Other positions were 4th Craig Roper/Jack Berry (Sudbury), 5th Gavin Hockey/Steve Finch (Sudbury), 6th Chris Hart/Mark Waller (Sudbury), 7th Lee Whitney (Diss)/Stephen Revett (Stowmarket) and 8th Michael Wyatt/Chris Wright (Diss).  


The Expert Class was also closely contested with cousins Richard Walters/Andy Tyler (Sudbury) taking first place pipping Phil Roper/Paul Belton with William Hughes riding all the sessions solo 3rd.  Graham Mays/Nigel Ross (Sudbury) secured 4th place with Tim Ford (Lowestoft)/Jeff Sharp (Sudbury) 5th and Kelvin Vant/Stephen Green (Sudbury) 6th


The Clubman Class was a clear win for the Stowmarket pairing of Jake Gregory/Richard Squirrel with father and son, Gary and Dale Gladwin (Sudbury) a worthy 2nd holding off Jeff Turner/Daniel Piper (Sudbury). Other positions were Phil Roberts (Halstead)/Don Blackman (Colchester) 4th, Dean Curry (Sudbury)/Duncan Griffin (Diss) 5th and Sam Dimmock (Whitley)/Greg Simon (Sudbury) 6th.

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